Track Premiere & Interview: Møl – ‘Airy’

Foto: Marika Hyldemar / @MarikaConcertPhoto Edit: Kim Song Sternkopf / @HeartMatter Artworks

Danish blackgaze quintet Møl formed in 2014, releasing their first EP in 2014 and second, II, in 2015. Three years later, in 2018, they released their first full-length, Jord; now, they’re revisiting their EPs in a remixed/remastered collection.

Today, Møl offer up a remastered version of “Airy,” the second of three songs on their debut EP, alongside an exclusive interview with Decibel, answered by guitarist Frederik Lippert and drummer Ken Klejs. Fans of Deafheaven, Alcest and Violet Cold will find plenty to dig into on the moody-but-aggressive tune.

I & II is out via Holy Roar on June 7.

This new compilation includes remastered versions of your first two EPs, s/t and II. Were you unhappy with the way that those EPs sounded during their first release?
No, not at all in regards to the mixing all things considered. We all believe that Max of Forester Recording Studio and Jacob Bredahl of Dead Rat Studio did an amazing job behind the desk. But there is no denying that each EP had a different vibe, which is why Chris Kreutzfeldt (who mixed and mastered Jord) was brought in to make them more coherent, soundwise, in their collected release.

As a band, how do you feel that your sound has evolved from those first two EPs to your first full-length, Jord, which you released last year?
Aesthetically, we’ve become a little darker and a bit heavier. Also thematically and sonically. Themes of impermanence and eco-criticism, which are a part of Jord, were not on the first two EPs. Musically, we’re still using some of same techniques. But we’ve also grown as musicians and acquired new techniques to make the songs we want to make. We’ve progressed a lot, but we’re not done evolving as a band just yet.

Today, Decibel is premiering the remastered version of “Airy,” from your first EP. Are there any memories of writing or recording that particular song that stick out to you?
The first EP was a very DIY experience. We really did it all in our own practice space, with some cheap microphones, odd recording techniques and a lot of experimentation. I think in general we had the mindset that we could do whatever we wanted to do with the songs on the EP, in regards to structure, drum patterns, vibe and such. To not be held back by conventions of how our genre “should” sound or be played.

Things have changed a lot for Møl over time, including signing to Holy Roar and larger tours supporting Ghost Bath and Rivers of Nihil. How do you feel revisiting your prior work now that the band has progressed its sound?
Nostalgic. We’re proud of those first two EPs since they gave us so many opportunities. But we’re also glad that we’ve progressed the way we have. Looking back at the EP’s, we can see where we’ve started but also where we are going. We hope everyone enjoy listening to the new reissue of the EP’s. We definitely enjoyed revisiting them.