Blast Worship: Human Effluence

Where they from?
Portland, Oregon. Did you know that between the late 1940s through the 1950s, Portland became known as a hub for organized crime on the west coast, centered around its gambling rackets and illegal underground night clubs. In 1957, Life magazine published an expose featuring Portland crime boss Jim Elkins which would become the basis of the noir film Portland Expose. Also, the Trail Blazers are in the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2000!

What do they sound like?
A churning whirlwind of Last Days of Humanity worship, but you can actually hear the guitars.

Why the hype?
With the rise of Sulfuric Cautery last year and the new material released by bands Disease and Incinerated, I think it’s safe to say that “HYPER GORE BLAST” is definitely having a moment right now, and I for one am ALL about it. What characterizes HGB you ask? Its basic structure begins with Goregrind but a few elements make it differ from traditional gore: 1) It legitimately sounds angry rather than “goofy” or “spooky”, 2) the blast beats are cartoonishly fast, even faster than what is typical to grindcore bands and 3) there’s an overall harshness and chaos akin to powerviolence bands like Mellow Harsher that leave the listener with absolutely no breathing room and no “oompa-oompa” beats within sight. It’s basically music designed to make your parent’s say “What the fuck is that god-awful racket?”

Latest Release?
Promo 2019. This album basically perfectly encapsulates the Hyper Gore Blast sound in 2019: a ceaseless tornado of gravity-defying machine-gun blasts, vomitous guitars and unintelligible zombie vocals. I’ve already added it to my pantheon of albums that purely emanate hate and chaos along the likes of “Served Cold EP” and the thousandswilldie demo. This album takes no prisoners and puts other “grind” bands to shame. Long live Hyper Gore Blast.