Track Premiere: Botis – ‘Descent’

Philadelphia quartet Botis are a name black metal fans should know. After a number of live shows in the area, Botis have emerged with Grand Abominations, their first full-length. Recorded over two days last year, Grand Abominations explores progressive, thrash and even death metal elements through a core of icy, snarled black metal.

“Descent,” the opening track on Grand Abominations, showcases all of those influences with its intricate, mesmerizing riffs and tortured vocals. We’ll let the band explain.

“While much of Grand Abominations explores a wider range of moods and styles, ‘Descent’ kicks off the record by immediately shoving the listener down a spiral of pure diabolical evil,” bassist Graham Noel explains. “Guitarist Erik Levitsky brought the song to the band in a nearly fully-formed state. It really inspired the rest of us to embrace what became the defining elements of Botis.”

Grand Abominations is out through the band on July 26 (but you can get it early at their show with Tomb Mold.