Video Premiere: Druids – ‘Shivast’

Midwest stoner metal trio Druids stood out from the haze (and sea of Sabbath/Sleep clones) with their Monument album earlier this year. Today, Decibel has an exclusive premiere of Druids’ video for “Shivast,” the closing track on Monument.

The dramatic, black-and-white video matches Druids’ massive sound on “Shivast.”

“This is the climax of our story on Monument,” explains bassist/vocalist Drew Rauch. “Facing your fears head on and confronting your issues.”

“‘Shivast’ is about a journey through the afterlife,” guitarist/vocalist Luke Rauch expands. “In this story and in the video, a young woman is processing emotions and experiences she is missing due to her untimely death. She encounters guides and oracles on her path to enlightenment.”

Monument is out now.