Track Premiere: Ian Blurton – “Seven Bells”

Just when I thought my résumé was in reasonably good shape I glance at the experience boasted by rock musician and recording veteran Ian Blurton. 35+ years creating and toiling in the Canadian music industry. Performing with over 40 bands through the years. Leaving his producing, engineering and mixing fingerprints on over 100 albums (including material by Blood Ceremony). Ian Blurton knows rock ‘n’ roll, and his upcoming record Signals Through the Flame makes that clear from the first burning note. Fans of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Haunt, and Blue Öyster Cult should take note: “Seven Bells” showcases Blurton’s talent for forging volcanic trad metal riffs and sugary melodies. “Seven Bells” starts with a heavy pop dirge before flirting with British Steel sing-alongs and freewheelin’ stoner riffage. The record plays like a love letter to rock’s life-affirming power. Seriously, try listening to this without grinning.

“”Seven Bells” is about not having to put a price on everything, or the true costs that we end up paying for our greediness or taking off the blinders,” Blurton explains regarding the song’s themes. “It’s about rising waters, how nature attempts to correct our discretions, and how some things should stay free.”

Speaking of free: Stream Ian Blurton’s “Seven Bells” single below before the record’s released by by new Toronto imprint Pajama Party digitally, and on vinyl and cassette June 7th. Won’t cost you a red cent, but you’ll be a whole lot richer for doing so.

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