Full EP Stream: Charger – ‘Charger’

We offered a full album stream of The Old Firm Casuals, featuring Rancid‘s Lars Frederiksen, back in February, which might have seemed a bit odd, but the band’s sound was aggressive enough to be deemed Decibel-worthy. Today, we premiere some music from another Rancid-related band, Charger, featuring Rancid bassist Matt Freeman, who also handles bass duties in this band (Charger also has in its ranks drummer Jason Willer of U.K. Subs).

Charger’s heavier than Rancid, heavier than The Old Firm Casuals, the band’s Lemmy-lovin’ scuzz metal having more in common with Tank than it does with anything Freeman’s day job deals in. And the band’s debut seven-song EP, which we’re premiering today, is a totally worthy romp through scumbag NWOBHM, a bit of Maiden-esque melody, and tons of Motörhead-worshipping four-on-the-floor metal.

Charger comes out on May 10 on Pirates Press Records. Pre-order Charger here, head here for Apple/Amazon pre-orders, here for Spotify pre-orders, and, today, you can stream it right here: