Track Premiere: Vortex of End – “Voraciovs Egregore”

Vortex Of End

French death metal — think Zyklon, Belphegor, Aeon, et al. — sickos Vortex of End have waited a good four years before unveiling new album, Ardens Fvror, their first for legendary French indie Osmose Productions. While the blood-covered quartet revealed snippets of the new deathly vision via the Transvbstantiation cassette demo last year, nothing has prepared metaldom for Ardens Fvror‘s irrepressibly evil assault.

When asked of goals and purpose in 2008, Vortex Of End responded: “Vortex Of End seeks to express a vision as cataclysmic as possible of what might be roughly called evil, that impalpable and unspeakable but omnipresent thing. All that the human being rejects, would not want to see, all this takes place in the “something” of greater which exceeds us and whose praises we sing; because more than his comprehension (which we pursue all the same with our meager capacities), it is the fact of wallowing in us that will enable us to contemplate what surrounds us (and not only) with an absolute eye.”

It appears nothing has changed in Vortex Of End’s world view then. Tracks from Ardens Fvror like “Venomovs Triangle,” “Ov Dancing Snakes and Circling Crows,” “Satvrnian Ascension,” and, yes, “Voraciovs Egregore” ply the dangerous waters between what we want to perceive as true vs. what actually is true and the malice that haunts in the between shadows. There’s a sense of danger to Vortex Of End’s controlled chaos. As if the whole contraption — built upon negativity, anti-Christian motifs, and brutality — will fall apart given the wrong rotational velocity. This is actually what makes “Voraciovs Egregore” (as embedded below) such a invigorating listen.

Decibel and Osmose Productions found common ground at the center of a old pentagram, swore oath via blood ritual to premiere Vortex Of End’s new track, “Voraciovs Egregore,” before second to last sundown in the vernal times on this day in the year of our (Dark) Lord 2019. Bow with us! Find the end with Vortex Of End.

** Vortex Of End’s new album, Ardens Fvror, is out May 31st on Osmose Productions. Pre-orders for CD digipaks (HERE), black vinyl (HERE), and gold vinyl (HERE) are up now. Do or die!