Track Premiere: Cerberus – ‘The Ending’

To get to know Mexican metal band Cerberus, start at “The Ending,” the latest song to come from their upcoming album Fire!. On “The Ending” Cerberus pull influence from heavy and thrash metal, firing off intricate, galloping riffs and blazing solos.

Cerberus’ musicianship is complemented by the production on Fire!, which allows each part of the songs to be clearly heard.

“This song was the first one to be ready for the album,” says bandleader Paul Wrath. “It’s one of the heaviest and fastest songs we have! It has so much going on that we always thought it needed a strong lyrical theme, so it is about the Stephen King novel The Secret Window; it’s about a writer that loses his mind over his wife cheating on him, so he ends up making up a story in his head that a random stranger who’s also a writer hunts him down because he ripped off his story and demands him to change the ending, because that’s the way the story should end, and how is it supposed to end? With him killing his wife.”

Fire! is out via the band on July 12.