Full Album Stream: Suldusk – “Lunar Falls”

Lunar Falls, the debut album from Australian neo-folk/post-black metal entity Suldusk, recalls the same feeling and atmosphere of Wolves in the Throne Room or Myrkur. There is attention paid to both Suldusk’s black metal and neo-folk sensibilities, often highlighting creator and frontwoman Emily Highfield’s gentle voice and acoustic guitar melodies. At her most vicious (“Aphasia,” “Sovran Shrines”), Highfield’s vocals are a twisted snarl, dueling with her bandmates’ shimmering, soaring melodies.

“It is very exciting to finally release Lunar Falls, the first Suldusk album,” Highfield says. “It has realized my vision of fusing acoustic elements with post rock and metal influences.”

Delve into Lunar Falls below. Its official release is on April 12 (limited vinyl here).