Track Premiere: Shotgun Sawyer — “Son of the Morning”

Pushing ever-closer to a seamless, stirring fusing of old school blues, garage fuzzy-buzz, transcendent desert rock, Sabbath-heavy doom n’ roll, and more, Shotgun Sawyer return on April 19 with the sophomore full-length Bury the Hatchet — and we’ve got an exclusive premiere of one of the album’s more meditative, transportive tracks below.

“The devil is the oldest image in blues music,” vocalist/guitarist Dylan Jarman tells Decibel. “Back on the Delta, if you weren’t singing the Lord’s praises…well, you must be singing the devil’s music. The phrase ‘Son of the Morning’ is a reference to Lucifer from the Old Testament — a prince of heaven cast out for rebellion. It’s the ultimate story of not being good enough, just because of how you came into being, and the idea that your existence could be ‘wrong.’ That’s the heaviest shit I’ve ever heard, and in a way something I identify with. To me, blues is more than just certain scales or chord progressions, it’s a way of communicating fears, hurts, desires, lusts, history, and finding community and connection. I made myself really vulnerable in ‘Son of the Morning,’ writing a song for anyone who ever feels like they aren’t good enough and basically saying, Me too.”

And if that leaves you hungry for more, here’s a previously released stream of “(Let Me) Take You Home.”