Full Album Stream: The Black Sorcery – “Wolven Degrade”

Last year we premiered The Black Sorcery’s debut full length, and the Edmonton-based black death quintet wasted absolutely zero time in churning out a beastly and formidable follow-up album. Compared to its predecessor, Wolven Degrade is across the boards more extreme. Established fans of the band as well as newcomers should prepare themselves for an explosive and unrelenting war waged in the form of nine unhinged and aggressive songs plus an intro.

Wolven Degrade drops tomorrow. Get it on CD from Krucyator and on 12″ vinyl from Appalachian Noise. Stream the full album below.

Wolven Degrade is the auditory warfare of pure, unfeigned anger,” says vocalist Lörd Matzigkeitus. “As a whole, its themes are that of deflowering peace, processing violation, ruinous existence and nature clawing back unto her dirty folds all weak creatures for their transgressions. The music on this, our second genocide, is a cohesive front of total slaughter. Parageist, Ghast and Månas Reaver function in ungodly furies that few in metal can match. This album was made with only the catharsis of grenade-like rage in its heart, with no consideration of the appraisal of mankind.”

Wolven Degrade


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