Full Album Stream: Unnatural Ways – “The Paranoia Party”

Photo: Justina Villanueva

Unnatural Ways‘ new album, The Paranoia Party, is a weird record for weird times. While it wouldn’t be dishonest to classify The Paranoia Party as a noise rock release, you’d be missing out on the electrifying jazz and metal influences present all over the album.

Opener “Go Back to Space” sets the mood, morphing from mid-tempo, dissonant rock into unhinged, manic chaos. It also sets the lyrical tone for the album, which bandleader/vocalist/guitarist Ava Mendoza describes as being about “aliens and being alien; political paranoia, inclusion, exclusion, migration, immigration, border crossing, alter egos and alternate realities.”

From there, Unnatural Ways employ every trick in their toolbox, from skronky noise rock stomp to post-rock-esque crescendos to explosive metallic bursts and all-around top-notch musicianship. The Paranoia Party, which was mastered by Colin Marston, is a unique beast and one that will likely yield new surprises and details for many more listens.

The album is out tomorrow on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, but you can listen in full today.