Full Album Stream: Ultra Silvam – “The Spearwound Salvation”

When we featured Ultra Silvam in April 2017 on Demo:listen we called the Malmö-based trio’s three song demo a “truly consummate” work. Today we stand by those words now more than ever as Ultra Silvam are poised to unleash The Spearwound Salvation, their debut full length.

When we spoke to O.R., guitarist of Ultra Silvam, two years ago, they were already at work with drummer A.L. and bassist/vocalist M.A. on the full length. The right amount of time went into this album then. Each of these tracks, even the re-recording of “Skull Full of Stars,” rips with an urgency telling of a young and eager band, but with impressive technicality therein. Recorded by Hannes Heed at Studio Hiet, mixed and mastered by Ulf Blomberg at HoboRec, The Spearwound Salvation blares loud, mean, and hits like a battleaxe.

The Spearwound Salvation is the most natural follow-up to the self-titled demo and also the most pure and direct expression of Ultra Silvam possible at this moment,” says the band. “Consisting of seven pieces of devout devil-worship, barely covering 28 minutes, they all fully represent the type of black metal which we play, outside of all modern tags such as ‘raw,’ ‘atmospheric,’ ‘melodic,’ etc. Ultra Silvam exclusively plays BLACK METAL and everything that comes along with it.”

The Spearwound Salvation


The Spearwound Salvation comes out tomorrow on Shadow Records.

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