Track Premiere: Florida Man — “Brain Cell”

Florida Man’s sound may be as unnerving as a Google search of their band name…

That’s one hell of a press release opening line to have to live up to, but this Charleston, South Carolina quartet blows the doors completely off the expectations shack on its frenetic, brilliant upcoming sophomore offering Tropical Depression — a wild noise punk/core tour de force that variously calls to mind Drive Like Jehu, Coalesce, early Unwound, Jesus Lizard, Rorschach, and more.

Honestly, the record has got so much cool shit going on one track doesn’t really do it justice, but we’re hitting you with the initial salvo anyway ahead of the May 3 Spartan Records release. (Preorder here.)

Now’s your chance to get your neck sonically cranked before anyone else — take advantage, noise/metal/core fiends!

* Photo by Paul King.