Full Album Stream: Obsidian Sea – “Strangers”

Strangers, the new LP from Bulgarian doom unit Obsidian Sea, finds inspiration in many places. The third album from Obsidian Sea in less than a decade, Strangers dwells in between Sabbathian doom and psychedelic prog, ultimately proving to be a breath of fresh air.

Songs like “The Birth of Fear” and “The Play” are driven by fuzzy guitars and wailed, old-school vocals, contrasted by the title track’s heavy-psych excursions, which could easily have been found in a decades-old time capsule.

Strangers is our third album in our tenth year as a band and we believe it’s our most complete work,” elaborates guitarist Anton Avramov. “Since the beginning, we’ve always written songs that unfold like stories. Stories about the ominous, about conflict, about fate… And so, this album is in many ways a continuation of that. It deals with the distance between us and what it is that tears us apart and leaves us alone and estranged. That’s what the title alludes to.”

Strangers is due out March 22 via psychedelic experts Ripple Music.