Full Album Stream: Truth Corroded – “Bloodlands”

Australian tech-metal crushers Truth Corroded have been at it a long time—since 1997, to be exact—and they show no signs of slowing down on Bloodlands, their sixth album and first in as many years. Sharp, angular riffs and hefty grooves are the meat and potatoes of the songs on Bloodlands. The album is also aided by human-sounding production as opposed to the mechanical sound expected of modern technical death metal.

We are very excited to finally bring this album out!” Truth Corroded tell Decibel. “To be working with Unique Leader Records on this release is an incredible privilege, I thank Erik for this opportunity and to contribute to his outstanding legacy is an honor. Huge thanks are extended to Jamie, Dan and the team at the label, Chris ZuessHarris, Jack Hartley for going above and beyond, our manager Mark and EMGRyan at Apollo, the outstanding contribution from all the guests involved and to all of those who have supported the band over the years or have recently discovered us.”

Check it out through DecibelBloodlands is out March 22 on Unique Leader.