Full Album Stream: Goatkraft – “Sulphurous Northern Bestiality”

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a full year since we debuted Goatkraft’s ripping Angel Slaughter EP, but time flies when you’re jamming blazing fast metal and filling your skull with blast beats and bestial cries of ancient vitriol. But whether we’re ready for them or not, the three sadists behind the Norwegian bestial black death unit have returned bearing 11 new tracks of ruthless audio torment. Sulphurous Northern Bestiality shows Goatkraft in top form, dug deep into their own caustic and hostile approach. There is no way out. Nothing to do but give yourself over to the dizzying slaughter, the whipping riffs, the relentless ballistics, the dual vocal attack, and the choking death and black chaos of Goatkraft’s Sulphurous Northern Bestiality.


Sulphurous Northern Bestialty

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