Full Album Stream: Aoratos – “Gods Without Name”

Naas Alcameth is already an accomplished name in the US metal underground, playing in outfits like Nightbringer and Bestia Arcana and releasing a constant stream of new music. His latest effort comes in the form of Aoratos, led by Alcameth. Their first release under the Aoratos name is Gods Without Name, a dense and sinister slab of black metal that oozes the searing riffs and sense of immediacy associated with Alcameth’s projects.

It is not a light or easy listen, but songs like “Thresher” and “Dread Spirit of The Place” are worth the price of admission alone. Gods Without Name is out March 22 on Debemur Morti (North American customers can purchase here), but it is streaming in full today exclusively via Decibel.