Track Premiere: Nocturnal Hollow – ‘Coming Back to the Grave’

Venezuelan trio Nocturnal Hollow have been a consistent part of the extreme-metal scene in South America for nearly a decade, releasing material at an increasingly-fast pace and playing around the continent. They’re slated to release their fifth album, A Whisper of an Horrendous Soul, later this month through death metal connoisseurs Redefining Darkness and Raw Skull, but you can hear the first song now.

“Coming Back from the Grave” is a straightforward, old-school Swedish-style ripper, mixing buzzsaw guitars, frantic solos and filthy vocals together into a ferocious song.

“It’s a story about a killing, full of horror and gore!” exclaim Nocturnal Hollow. “Just like the music, it’s raw and direct, nothing fancy.. just a straight road to brutality, everything that death metal should be !”

Give it a listen below; Whisper is out on March 29.