Full Album Stream: Eggs of Gomorrh – “Outpregnate”

If that shiny new Baroness track was a little too clean and polished for your death-metal-only ears, let’s remedy that with Swiss noisemakers’ Eggs of Gomorrh and their new album, Outpregnate. The defining trait found throughout the release is the pure savagery in each song.

After a mood-setting intro, Eggs of Gomorrh rip straight through five tracks of primitive black/death metal, demonstrating no concept of slowing down or offering reprieve. Eggs of Gomorrh manage to maintain that savagery while still producing their songs in a way that makes each track discernible and unique, a welcome element in a genre that sometimes fades together.

“An illustrated focus is being applied here to enhance and outline the inhumane bestiality beyond the sensitive world of social taboos,” Eggs state. “We are entering a universe of carnage, apocalyptic hate, eternal sodomy and murder. The textures of ideological centers are covered with insects, filth, rot and open wounds. Its alignment is presented in symbiotic orchestration with biblical and mythical hybrid creatures that widens the hatred spectrum. Direct parallels with medieval satanism arise where torture and sadism had a different value from its modern perception. This reality and lyrical emphasis are tightly locked with the shift in musical composition and opens gateways to further blasphemous exposure.”

Listen to Outpregnate below.