Video Premiere: Gore – ‘No Respect’

Photo: Egon Notermans

When Dutch instrumentalists Gore split up in 1996, fifth album Lifelong Deadline stood in the back of their minds as a failed effort, both commercially and to themselves. Over two decades later, Gore have reassembled to release Revanche.

A reworking of Lifelong Deadline as opposed to a complete rerecorded copy, Revanche is built and structured in a new way to match what the band originally envisioned.

“No Respect” is the first single to come from the album. The production is leagues ahead, giving “No Respect” a fuller, more immediate sound. Paired with a creepy rabbit-themed visual, it’s the weird output you’d expect from a weird band after 20 weird years.

When asked to explain the song or video, bassist Rob Frey leaves more questions than answers.

“All 10 tracks of the album have a specific quote which will be projected on a backdrop while being performed live, but I am not sure if you separate the quote for ´No Respect´ from the other 9 lines it still makes sense, it hardly does when put together, but then the abstractness cuts the cake so to speak…” he says.

“we are prostitutes, we exploit,… the same song,… again and again,… and free of charge,… (the first time around)”

Revanche is out on March 22 via Exile on Mainstream (US orders here).