Track Premiere: Entrapment – ‘Sanctifying Putrescent’

Dutch death dealers Entrapment have enjoyed a good run over the last decade, giving us a glut of demos, comps, splits, an EP and three full-lengths. The band’s upcoming album, Violent Imminent Death, is their swan song; in November, Entrapment announced that they would break up after playing their release show for the album on May 11 at Graveland Fest.

Fortunately, they’ve given us one hell of a parting gift with Imminent Violent Death, an eight-song record that bludgeons the listener with aggressive, primitive death metal. On the album’s third track, “Sanctifying Putrescent,” pack in high-speed riffs, electrifying leads and barked vocals before inserting a melodic solo toward the song’s end.

“‘Sanctifying Putrescent’ is the first song I wrote for the new album,” says multi-instrumentalist Michel Jonker. “Since the last record ended up  being more influenced by the early doom death metal bands, i was really hungry for the fast Slayer-esque songs again. Heavily inspired by the nervous riffing of the early Stockholm scene and the use of the classic Rototom Terror, this song ended up as one of my faves of the new album.

“The lyrics deal with the classic splatter horror theme of a forbidden necro love that wasn’t meant to be but ended up pretty neat!”

Entrapment will release Imminent Violent Death on May 11 via Dawnbreed.