Track Premiere: Leather Glove – ‘A Cursed Role’

Greg Wilkinson’s credentials in extreme metal are impressive, to say the least. As a member of Brainoil and Deathgrave and as an engineer at Earhammer Studios (Noothgrush, Necrot, High on Fire, et al), Wilkinson has demonstrated his ear for heavy, dark music. The sludge that Wilkinson unleashes with Leather Glove—performed, written, recorded, mixed and mastered himself—on debut LP Perpetual Animation is towering and crushing, flattening the listener with teeth-chattering low end, haunting melodies and impossibly low vocals.

It’s all on display with new song “A Cursed Role,” streaming exclusively through Decibel, which features Necrot/Mortuous drummer Chad Gailey behind the kit.

“This album, sonically and lyrically, is an amalgam of terrors past, present and future in the physical, spectral and subconscious forms,” Wilkinson says. “If the morality of mankind is in charge of preserving our future, we are fucked—this score encompasses a few of many reasons why. Some based off real events, some dreams and others are stories which are a commentary on society. I would like to thank M. (Sentient Ruin), Jeff (Dawnbreed), Chad Gailey, Dustin Ferris, Danny Corrales, Eric Cutler, Sean McGrath, Shelby Lermo for their contributions.”

Perpetual Animation is out this Friday, March 8, via Sentient Ruin in the US and Dawnbreed in Europe.