Track Premiere: Moros – ‘Every Day is Worse Than the Last’

Photo: Dante Torrieri/Useless Rebel

Philly trio Moros are one of the sludge/doom underground’s best-kept secrets. After releasing their debut EP, Life Assisted Suicide, Moros delivered two additional tracks in the form of splits with now-defunct Philly crushers Black Urn and Lichotome (featuring Decibel contributor/Krieg frontman Neill Jameson). Finally, in March, they will release their first LP in the form of Weapon, a seven-track ripper that revels in death/doom-influenced grooves, rattling low end and acidic vocals.

Weapon is perfectly paced, dragging the listener through a corrosive half hour before bowing out. Today, Decibel streams sixth track “Every Day is Worse Than the Last.” Moros maintain a steady pace through molasses-thick riffs, tremolo picking and piercing shrieks that cut straight through the other layers. If there was ever any doubt before, “Every Day is Worse Than the Last” affirms that Weapon is miserable music inspired and driven by the cycle of abuse the world and its inhabitants are constantly experiencing.

“We felt it was time to write a long-form, more cohesive release after putting out a couple splits over the years,” explains guitarist/vocalist Jason Dost (Krieg, Skaphé’s live lineup). “We wanted to push our ourselves further and establish our sound beyond the normal expectations of a doom or sludge band as some might call us.

“‘Every Day is Worse Than the Last’ deals with dread and self hatred causing a reckless cycle of abuse because after feeling like a constant failure you don’t have standards any more. Ethan (McCarthy) crushed the art and layout design. His style of intimidating and utterly badass imagery lends itself well to our music and we’re proud to have it put an image to our noise.”

Stream “Every Day is Worse Than the Last” below and pre-order Weapon via Hidden Deity before its release on March 29.