Full Album Stream: Experior Obscura – “Iter in Nebula”

There is little information known or presented about black metal entity Experior Obscura beyond that its creator, Nefastus, plays in a number of Italian black and thrash metal groups including Malvento and Mephisto. That deliberate sort of obscurity ultimately plays to Nefastus’ strengths in Experior Obscura—the primitive and depressive-but-aggressive black metal of new album Iter in Nebula brings to mind thoughts of depression and images of faceless individuals.

Nefastus’ vocals remain the highlight of the album throughout its seven tracks; his cries, whines and screams are tortured and miserable whether the music is slow and drawn out (“The Time of the Stars”), mid-tempo or straightforward and fast—often, the songs are all three.

Iter in Nebula follows a demo and split with Malvento. You can listen to the full album below and acquire it through Third I Rex.