Full Album Stream: Witchers Creed – “Witchers Creed”

Swedish doom quartet Witchers Creed are young, but they have a deep reverence for the genre’s old ways and it shows on their full-length debut, Awakened from the Tomb… Formed in late 2016 when the members had just graduated high school, their sound is inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Witchfinder General and Trouble. Their sound on Awakened is defined by big, fuzzy riffs and singer Dennis Blohm Hedlund’s voice, which meshes smoothly with the music.

After a pair of demos, Witchers Creed reported to Sunlight Studio where so many legendary death metal albums have been recorded to lay down Awakened from the Tomb… The result is a far cry from Left Hand Path or Like an Everflowing Stream, but disciples of doom will find a lot to enjoy about Witchers Creed’s new record.

“We’re here to bring back real doom metal, traditional doom metal,” guitarist Filip Andersson says. “We’re here to make doom metal great again! The original idea was to play Sabbathy, ’70s doom rock and just do our thing. But later on, we grew more and more into early ’80s doom metal like Witchfinder General, Trouble and Candlemass and combined the two. In a way, we were tired of some who were happy to just milk the whole ‘stoner doom’ thing. We had a great time working on the record with Tomas Skogsberg of Sunlight studio. A lot of crazy stuff went on, but that’s probably a whole other story for another time.”

Awakened from the Tomb… is out tomorrow on Ripple Music, but you can stream it below.