Brimming Horn Meadery and Enslaved Team Up on ETERNAL FROST Mead

Brimming Horn Meadery earn the distinction of being the first meadery to pour at Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest when they arrive this year. Fittingly, they have collaborated with viking metal legends Enslaved to create Eternal Frost. To brew it, founder and mead-maker Jon Talkington worked through his list of recipes and collaborated closely with Enslaved guitarist Ivar Bjørnson to determine the style and flavors that both parties felt would truly represent Frost, which Enslaved will perform in full on April 14.

Talkington notes that Frost is a favorite at Brimming Mead.

“Eternal Frost is mead made with acacia blossom honey, Norway spruce tips, juniper berries and Norwegian sea salt,” Talkington proclaims. “Pale in color with hints of wildflowers, pine, citrus and sea salt. The forest meets the fjord in this ancient drink of the gods!”

“This limited one of a kind mead will only be available on Sunday, April 14th,” he continues. “Make sure to get some right before Enslaved’s set so we can toast the Gods and revel in the awe-inspiring ferocity of Frost. Vi skal kjempe med Krigers Gud; WOTAN!”

His excitement is matched by Bjørnson.

“We are brimming (!) with anticipation to taste the Eternal Frost mead that has been brewed forth by Brimming Horn—the recipe has been developed in collaboration between the brewery and the band,” the guitarist states. “Mead is a holy drink in the Norse traditions and we have made our own share in our basements back in the days, but this is our first ‘real’ mead. It is the real deal and even contains genuine Norwegian sea salt to ensure Ægir, the god of the seas, is content with this mead. So save room for this one if you are going to Decibel Metal & Beer Fest 2019; mead will never be the same again!”

“Metal & Beer” tickets for Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly are still available but moving fast (fewer than 90 remain!); get yours for the full weekend or for April 14 now. Enslaved will never perform Frost in North America again.