Watch: Orbiter – ‘Six Line’

Photo: Olya Lavrik

Though they hail from the grim and frostbitten land of Norway, Orbiter have more in common with Melvins, Motörhead or Clutch than they do with their black metal countrymen. Their new album is called Resist, Submit, Repeat and it’s chock full of dirty rock ‘n’ roll riffs like the ones heard on “Six Line,” which Decibel is premiering today.

The distorted riffing and rumbling bass coupled with heavy-handed drumming and sort-of-sung-but-mostly-shouted vocals makes for a thunderous offering. Whether they’re offering up high-octane stoner jams or sinking deep into a hefty chug, Orbiter play loud and like they’re having fun—see accompanying video for visual proof of said fun.

It’s not all fun and games on “Six Line,” however.

“The song is about doing too much coke and thinking you are the king of the world and in reality it’s the opposite effect,” explains guitarist/vocalist Kim Rune Johansen. “The album title refers to the self-destructive cycle of failing in life and not learning from your mistakes. Resisting temptations, be it alcohol, drugs and or behavior, submitting to temptations in a weak moment and then repeating the cycle over and over.”

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