Full Album Stream: Endon – ‘Boy Meets Girl’

Photo: Yosuke Torii

Endon are, without a doubt, one of the most punishing bands in contemporary extreme metal. At the core of new album Boy Meets Girl is a bedrock of hardcore, sludge and grindcore fused with screeching noise and power electronics, rounded out by completely unhinged vocals courtesy of frontman Taichi Nagura. Conceived as the soundtrack to an imaginary horror film about love, there’s little room to find balance before the Japanese quintet rush back with another round of noise and caustic hardcore. Nagura’s vocals are, more often than not, wordless shrieks, yelps and howls that serve to convey chaos more than any lyrical meaning.

The sole calm moment on Boy Meets Girl is the penultimate track, “Red Shoes,” which would almost be relaxing if it weren’t for the bouts of laughter at the end of the song. Endon are regularly referred to as the most-extreme band in Tokyo and after a few listens to Boy Meets Girl, it’s hard to dispute that title. They’re as unique as they are vicious and Boy Meets Girl is a masterclass in sonic violence. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Boy Meets Girl is out tomorrow, February 15, on Thrill Jockey.