Video Premiere: Makkmat’s “Burning Cop”

Information about grindcore/power violence trio Makkmat is sparse and scarce. As much as I can figure, they are three fun-loving, shit disturbers hailing from Arno, Norway whose debut full-length, Beina Brenner is due any day via Polish grind label stalwart Everyday Hate Records and the band are set to play this year’s edition of Obscene Extreme. While we may not be 100% on any of that previously mentioned information, we do have the honour of premiering the band’s new promo video for a track called “Burning Cop,” during which you can revel in the delightful craziness of their sound and style.

Given that we knew fuck all about Makkmat, we asked them to introduce themselves. What they came up with was a game of word association with themselves. Read the result and you’ll quickly realize that the nuttiness doesn’t end once the rehearsal room lights are off and the beers are necked.


Makkmat – Positive people with pessimistic qualities. Hard punk, grind and death mix well. Likes metal guitar sound.

Beina Brenner – Album test press is the prettiest we’ve ever seen. Cover art has nice colours, makes you want to open gatefold. Inside good too.

Favourite Machine Gun Killing Scene in FilmRambo 4 (2008), ending.

Grindcore – Friends and excellent life decisions.

Brand-building Techniques – Important to drive sales. Will create jobs in the grindcore community.

Industrialized Nations – Fun for shows. High sales.

Gore – Chop, chop, into the mincer with you all, regardless of sex, gender, colour and all that. No discrimination!

Cops – Burning.

“Drop Dead” – We play this Siege cover on the album. Very hard vocals. Vocal rhythm on the verse is off, fucks with your mind.

Tour – Is happening. Heavy investors finance nightliner tour.


Everyday Hate Records

And their Siege cover, because why not? The song rules and so does their version of it…