Track Premiere: Riparian – ‘Consumed by What is Unknown’

Riparian, the eponymous new EP from the Pittsburgh-based group, is built on a slab of primitive, almost brutal, classic death metal and enhanced by elements of doom and grindcore. That’s on full display on tracks like “Consumed by What is Unknown,” which starts at a slow, doomy tempo before breaking into a grinding gallop two minutes into the song. Riparian have clearly studied their old-school death metal, leaving a trail of grooves, dive bombs, blasts and filthy vocals on the song.

“Consumed” is long for a death metal song at six minutes, but Riparian vary things to keep it fresh; the focus of the track changes often as Riparian move from high to low speeds, throw in intricate riffs and blast your face in.

“‘Consumed by the Unknown’ to me is a delicious metal subgenre Reuben sandwich that satisfies all,” agrees guitarist Louis Snyder. “It starts with your basic doomy and chewy marble rye bread with a light spread of atmospheric sounds, as a tangy 1000 island dressing. Add your tech-death sounding riffs and gnarly grindcore proteins in the middle, for that savory main course flavor, and slow it down again for the sauerkraut that leaves you burping and remembering what you just had… ‘Consumed.'”

Have a listen below: