Track Premiere: The Foreign Resort ‘Outnumbered’

The Foreign Resort

New musick, an alternate term to describe post-punk, is experiencing a continued revival. In fact, the revival has long since been underway, if one is interested in tracing the arc of history through Gang of Four, Elastica, and Jesus and Mary Chain through more commercial strains of it in Interpol, The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys. But it’s more underground, or under the radar, acts like Denmark’s The Foreign Resort that continue to excite. Described as a punkier version of labelmates ACTORS (HERE), Swedish art rockers Port Noir, and Fascination Street-era The Cure, the trio — Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen (vocalist/guitarist), Morten Hansen (drums/vocalist), and Steffan Petersen (guitars/bass) — have been wowing small clubs throughout Europe and beyond, as well as Bandcamp denizens, for the better part of four albums, the latest of which is the Outnumbered album on Canadian indie Artoffact.

By using the “Apache beat,” a common element in post-punk’s driving efficacy, The Foreign Resort craft late-night, windows-down anthems to urban ventures, where city lights, strangers, and the gargantuan buildings of man form an otherworldly landscape of living shadows. As with previous stunners “Take a Walk” (HERE), “Orange Glow” (HERE), and “She is Lost” (HERE), The Foreign Resort’s new track, “Outnumbered,” is yet another gem of black leather, noisy shimmery, and grim portent. Says Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen of the “Outnumbered” video: “The video transmits the discomfort and powerlessness we feel every day as a minority, looking at our world going down the drain.”

Continues video director Chris Wallis: “Like the houses shown in the video, society is also falling apart. Fear & hatred (on all levels) are still very much a part of today’s society. I hope this song and video will bring even more awareness to ongoing problems such as these.”

Decibel and Artoffact are proud to bring you The Foreign Resort’s newest killer (that bass line!) in the form of “Outnumbered”! Kiss tomorrow goodbye today!

** The Foreign Resort’s new album, Outnumbered, is out April 5th on Artoffact Records. No pre-order is up yet, but venture over to the band’s Bandcamp site to get the two-song single HERE. Think Bandcamp isn’t the bee’s knees? Well, here’s Spotify (HERE), Deezer (HERE), and Apple (HERE).