Full Album Stream: Critical Defiance – “Misconception”

Critical Defiance are from Chile, forming in 2013, but their sound could easily deceive. The Chilean heshers’ new album, Misconception, could have come out of the Bay Area in the ’80s in terms of songwriting, performance and production. Not to worry, though: Misconception is so chock full of high-speed riffing, frantic drumming, shouted vocals, mosh parts and guitar solos that it still stands out from the herd in 2019.

“Desert Ways” kicks off the album by going straight for the jugular and it’s a full-throttle ride from there. By the 2:30 mark of the album, Critical Defiance have already played a handful of riffs, soloed and hammered on the drum kit, something that defines the album. Eschewing thrash’s modern tendencies to embrace a proggier side or breed with hardcore, Critical Defiance keep it all old school.

This particularly shines on songs like “Punished Existence,” which showcases some of the album’s most technical musicianship. Misconception sounds like a long-buried Bay Area gem; stream it in full below.

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