Track Premiere: The Ghost Next Door — “Event Horizon”

The Ghost Next Door guitarist/vocalist Gary Wendt describes “Event Horizon” as an exploration of “New World Order conspiracy theories of the Big Brother, Orwellian variety.”

“I wouldn’t call myself a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe that there are a handful of ultra-wealthy, infinitely powerful people and families that run the show,” he tells Decibel. “They control governments, big corporations, the media… They start wars, fund terrorists, and by ways of the media, sell their agenda to you though lies and manipulation. They exercise control over everyone and everything through money, influence and intimidation.”

Appropriately, the soundtrack to this thematic content is a mix of primal dread and beguiling, otherworldly beauty — to your humble correspondent it sounds like Ungod era Stabbing Westward jamming out a tune after marathoning Failure and Neurosis back to back.

Check out the exclusive stream of “Event Horizon” below. The track is taken from the band’s excellent forthcoming sophomore album A Feast for the Sixth Sense — dropping February 8 courtesy Ripple Music. (Preorder here.) There’s also an album release party in San Fran this Friday night. (Flyer below.)