Track Premiere: The Munsens – ‘Unhanded’

After a productive summer with sets at Psycho Las Vegas, 71Grind, Austin Terror Fest and Electric Funeral Fest, Denver-based black metal punks The Munsens return with their debut album, Unhanded. On their debut LP, the Colorado trio welcome a stronger influence from punk and black metal, a punishing addition to the stoner doom core of The Munsens.

One of the prime examples of that on Unhanded is the title track; beginning as a galloping piece of blackened punk, a sludgy, dissonant undercurrent pulls the song into a grim crawl for its second half.

“Most rational people grasp that the socioeconomic status quo is unsustainable,” bassist/vocalist Mike Goodwin tells Decibel of “Unhanded.” “What’s been grossly overstated and misinterpreted is the general ‘resistance’ thus far. If and when an actual subversion of the current order gains footing, we will see unprecedented manipulation, depravity and chaos. Thus far, we’ve managed to connect the world in spinning mindlessly through a dark, hypocritical parody. “

On that dark note, here’s “Unhanded.” The album is out on February 15 through Sailor Records.