Full Album Stream: Innero – ‘ChaosWolf’

Innero are newcomers to the world of black metal but its members are experienced, having played in other European black metal bands like Bland Vargar and Malnatt. ChaosWolf, their debut, is an ambitious but digestible seven-song album that Decibel is streaming today.

Inspired, according to the band, equally by the likes of Ulver, Bathory, Immortal and Primordial, ChaosWolf explores a variety of sounds, from the riffy opener “Among Wolves” to the more melodic offerings found on songs like “Alone.”

In addition to the diversity, Innero write songs that almost never crack the five-minute mark, allowing them to build and execute ideas without getting caught up in overly-long songs.

ChaosWolf is out on January 27 via Third I Rex. You can stream it in full below and purchase digital and physical copies via Bandcamp.