Watch: 10:13 – ‘Conduit Closing’

If there are rules to writing and performing black metal, Neil Carter wasn’t aware when he entered the studio to record Result of an Iron Age, the debut album from his solo black metal entity 10:13. The progressive project spends its runtime of 11 tracks creating defiant, psychedelic black metal that feels as forward-thinking as it does traditional. It’s not uncommon to find dissonant, aggressive black metal sandwiched between psyched-out keys and acoustic guitars, and 10:13 place a strong emphasis on Result of an Iron Age‘s atonal, chaotic atmosphere.

That’s how 10:13 arrive at “Conduit Closing,” fittingly the last song on Result of an Iron Age, a three-minute romp through psychedelic soundscapes, guitars and keys. Watch/listen to the accompanying (and fittingly weird) video below and check out some of the more extreme songs on Result at 10:13’s Bandcamp.