Track Premiere: Blodskam – ‘Bödel’

Swedish black metal duo Blodskam can trace their roots all the way back to 1998, when two brothers initially decided to join forces for purposes of recording and releasing music. But because life happens, Blodskam laid dormant for nearly 20 years until the brothers Aghora and Dödfödd decided to pick up where they’d left off. They recruited drummer Kim Filppu for the studio and completed work on Là-Bas, their debut effort that will see the light of day this year.

Fortunately, Blodskam don’t just have a nice story about two brothers reviving an idea almost two decades old. Là-Bas is a diverse album, moving easily from raw, ripping black metal to slower sections that toe the border of doom. “Bödel,” the album opener and song Decibel is debuting today, falls more on the melodic, mid-tempo side of things. The song’s main riff is a catchy foot-stomper that would thrive in a live environment, filled out by tremolo-picked melodies and raw but sometimes-decipherable vocals.

Check it out below; Là-Bas is out on February 6 via Suicide Records.