Track Premiere: Chainbreaker – ‘Lethal Desire’

Featuring current and former members of hard-hitting heavies like Rammer, Cauldron and Toxic Holocaust, Chainbreaker formed six years ago, during a long Canadian winter. The band came together as a way of coping with said desolation, that is, by drinking and ripping out some Razor covers. At the time, the “band” was just Chainbreaker drummer Al Biddle on drums and vocals and ‘breaker guitarist Ian Chains on guitar with a friend playing bass.  

Then, you know how those fuzzy winter nights go . . . Next thing anyone knows, Rob Ouellette’s laying down the sleaze on vocals and they’ve got a demo tape called Constant Graving. Five tracks of ill-tempered thrash-leaning speed metal and one oversized pin. Who else got one?

For a band that began as a drunken Razor cover hangout jam, the demo tape alone was a welcome surprise. But this LP Lethal Desire seems almost too good to be true. But here it is: A veritable twelve pack of fire-spewing, beer-shotgunning, mayhemic speed.


“The title track from our debut LP is probably the first song that came together when we started the band all those years ago,” says guitarist Ian Chains. “It always finds its way into our live set, and seems as good an introduction as any for those who care to know what we’re about.  It’s a boisterous number and pairs well with a warm Schlitz and some old kief.”

Chainbreaker – Lethal Desire


Get Lethal Desire February 15th from Hells Headbangers.