Track Premiere: A Novelist – ‘Tombeau’

A Novelist. The Louisiana-based group emerged in 2015 with their debut album Portraits and have since been working on its follow up, Folie. A Novelist have lost none of their technical prowess, as they demonstrate on new song “Tombeau,” which features one complex riff after another, moving from black metal-esque tremolo-picked flurries to finger-stretching death metal riffs to solos that could’ve been featured in Guitar Hero.

The song, and its accompanying album, as the band explain, has a meaning that goes far beyond pushing death metal to its physical limits.

“[Folie] discusses relationship dynamics, trust, loyalty, community, the growing lack of empathy seen in modern society, aging, and death,” A Novelist offer in a statement. “The album is based around the life and particularly the last four years of someone very close to the band. We use allegory and allusions to the Inquisition and the story of Hiram Abiff. The album is based around a protagonist named the Pope of Hell. This is a title bestowed to those of only the most kind and benevolent disposition that knowingly sacrifice themselves for no self-gain specifically with the intent of reaching greater truths for the betterment of humanity. The name is derived from the idea that the person deemed eligible for this title was so kind and selfless that even Lucifer would feel compassion and spare this person of the potential for perdition. The end result of this position always leads to the Pope of Hell being deemed impenitent by the public. Historically, the impenitent were the people during the Inquisition that would refuse to recant their beliefs or values for a lesser punishment ultimately causing them to be burned at the stake.”

Folie will be self-released by A Novelist on February 8.