Demo:listen: Caustic Vomit

Caustic Vomit are a new death doom quartet from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Their three song demo Festering Odes to Deformity came out only five days ago, but reeks like some genuinely undiscovered demo tape from the early 90s.

Caustic Vomit achieve this atavistic feeling without taking the superficial thin production route, as you’ll hear. Instead they resurrect those long dead vibes with timelessly heavy riffs, death growls so low and guttural they’re almost subliminal, and simply by writing solid and thoroughly entertaining compositions while also pouring everything they’ve got into each of the individual parts that make up their songs. The doom parts crawl agonizingly slow, a delicious torture every time. The mid-paced parts bulldoze like the Undergang guys got wasted and stole the Cannibal Corpse bus. The full-on blasts assaults come only seldom, but always with a viciousness you won’t soon forget. The solos come out of nowhere, plugged-in and ripped.

Fuck yeah: Festering Odes to Deformity is one of those demos.

First thing I noticed was that Mythic shirt in the promo pic.

“MYTHIC and DERKETA are some of the realest,” the whole band agrees as they cheer: “Iron City Death Doom!”

Together the members of Caustic Vomit explain that their band “was (de)formed by four fanatics of old rotting death/doom. There was another band before that (a black metal band), but it was just a project.” They stress that “Caustic Vomit is a completely different entity.”

As for why they chose the name Caustic Vomit, or where it came from, these guys prove to be as eloquent and succinct as their music.

“It is just an abstract gory phantasmagoria that perfectly resonates with the music.”

Although they’re less sure about how long they worked on the demo’s songs. They can only guess that it’s been about “two or three years, maybe.” 

But they describe writing the demo as such: “The ‘process’ was actually a stream of agonizing subconsciousness, envisioned and executed in these three pieces.

“It was recorded at our rehearsal space on 16-track recorder, everything by ourselves. The demo was meant to sound like this since the writing process has started.

“We were geared up with the right equipment, such as hi gain amplifiers and guitars and bass from the 80s and 90s, then put all of this into our old rusty rehearsal room without any windows or proper sound isolation. So this was basically our rehearsal sound caught on the recording.”

The demo opener, “Immured In Devouring Rot,” according to the band “was the first [song] written, so it kinda set the direction for the whole demo.”

According to the band, the song “Churning Bowel Tunnels” “is an abstract story of mental and physical decomposition, which eventually led to psychic enslavement. It was heavily influenced by DIVINE EVE, RIPPIKOULU (listen to their first demo, if you liked Musta Seremonia!) and DISEMBOWELMENT (early demos).”

Caustic Vomit have yet to play a show, but they made ominous hints regarding future live performances.

“Not yet… but we have some offerings. As THERION once said, ‘Time Shall Tell’. . .

A demo tape this good is obviously a mandatory relic. Luckily, someone stateside and rock-solid’s got us covered.

“We are extremely disgusted to announce that from now on, we are in conspiracy with REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS (hey Thomas!), who will release the demo out of North America and beyond. So expect some morbidity near you soon…”

Looking forward, Caustic Vomit say: “Next for us is blowing your brains out of your cranial cradle and then feasting on the remains until you completely dissolve. I mean, spreading some rotting death/doom!

“We would also take this moment to thank anyone who supported us so far!

“We will deliver more putrefying death/doom in 2019. SUBMIT TO PUTREFACTION.”