Ossuarium Unleashes a “Blaze of Bodies” on Upcoming Debut Album

Alright, I know it’s early in the year. I mean, it’s only been 2019 for like 30-something hours or whatever, but I think we’ve already been gifted the death/doom album to beat for the year!

Ossuarium are a death metal band from Portland, Oregon, and will be issuing their debut album, Living Tomb (what a name!), on February 1 via 20 Buck Spin. If you’re a fan of classic bands like Disembowlment, Convulse and Cianide, or if you dig the modern sounds of Corpsessed and Ritual Necromancy, you’ll find a lot to like on Living Tomb.

The band are excellent songwriters, and have done a great job at honing their sound from the very start. The guitars are ominous, but still bear just enough fuzz and grit to stay within death metal territory. Daniel Kelly’s vocals are low and straight from the gut, but he still annunciates words enough to give the words shape and life. And on songs like “Blaze of Bodies,” the band shows a good mind for dynamics and drama. Oh, and they got Dan Seagrave to do the artwork. Not sure what else you need to check this out.