Track Premiere: Astrophobos – ‘Begotten in Black’

Swedish black metal trio Astrophobos will open up a new void of cosmic horror when they bring their Malice of Antiquity full-length into the world this January. Continuing to straddle the line between melody and rawness like their previous output starting with 2010’s Arcane Secrets EP, “Begotten in Black” displays clear influence from other melodic black metal acts like Dissection, Sacramentum and UADA; soaring tremolo-picked riffs and nails-on-chalkboard vocals delivered like something between a growl, scream and chant are the hallmarks of the new offering, though what Astrophobos offer is more raw than the aforementioned artists.

“’Begotten in Black’ is the second track from the coming Astrophobos album Malice of Antiquity,” guitarist Martin Andersson tells Decibel. “At less than three minutes in length, it’s the shortest and perhaps most immediate song from the new release, with pummeling blast beats and tremolo riffs that give you a swift and icy punch in the face.”

Take that icy punch to the face below with “Begotten in Black.” Malice of Antiquity is out January 18 on Triumvirate Records.