Track Premiere: Yidhra – ‘Fuck Christmas’ (Fear Cover)

The holidays put a little extra stress on everyone, from financial strain to the thought of seeing that family member to the music. Well, most of the music. In 1982, influential Los Angeles punk crew Fear released a single called “Fuck Christmas,” released after their first record, aptly titled The Record. Fear’s message hasn’t been forgotten either; LA doom crushers Yidhra recorded a cover of the song, clocking in at a hefty 2:37, which is almost two minutes longer than Fear’s original rendition.

What Yidhra’s version lacks in tongue-in-cheek humor and aggression is more than made up for by the dramatic doom stylings they incorporate.

“Our gift, unto the masses, whilst in the midst of the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season, came to fruition one cold winter night within the hallowed halls of our Los Angeles rehearsal studio during the month of December, 2018,” Yidhra tell Decibel.

“Reason being… we, as a band, have been long time fans of the band FEAR and have always loved this song and it’s message at its core. So, as tribute to FEAR, while continuing to spread their overall mantra for this beast known as the holidays, we give unto you, our version of their seasonal masterpiece…”

Check out Yidhra’s cover below, and check out Fear’s original version underneath—it’ll only take you 46 seconds!