Full Album Stream: Dirge – “Lost Empyrean”

Session avec le groupe français DIRGE - decembre 2017.

French sludge practitioners Dirge are shooting to make Lost Empyrean, their seventh album since 1998, their most epic and grandiose. At their core, Dirge keep it simple: four musicians, one vocalist. Through strong songwriting, clean production and an emphasis on atmosphere, Lost Empyrean sounds massive without losing the grit of sludge metal.

Songs on Lost Empyrean move at a leisurely pace, the band taking their time to get from point A to point B by filling the space in between with a spacey atmosphere. The vocals sound as if they’re coming from a great distance and the lush melodies within keep the album feeling like a living, breathing piece of art rather than a stiff, stoic collection of sludge metal tracks.

Dirge will unleash Lost Empyrean in full on Friday, but you can stream it all now. Pre-orders are available through Debemur Morti.