Mourn at Obliteration’s Obscure Cenotaph

2018 has seen it’s fair share of surprises, both good and really, really bad. But a surprise new record from one of the brightest lights of modern death metal is always a welcome surprise. It’s like a friend bringing you cake when it’s not even your birthday! Well, here’s some absolutely solid news for you to sink your teeth into: Obliteration has a new album!

Cenotaph Obscure is the fourth album from one of Norway’s finest non-black metal exports, and is available digitally via Indie Recordings. The album will also see a wider release early next year via Dark Descent records.

For those of you who don’t know them (go listen to Black Death Horizon, now!), Obliteration is one of a handful of modern death metal bands that manage to strike a good balance between reverence for the old-school and the desire to carve their own path. But they also walk a tightrope between hooks and progression, and between aggression and atmosphere. This makes them one of the most compelling and important death metal bands making records today.

But enough talk. Listen to “Tumulus of Ancient Bones” below and get lost in all those crushing riffs!