Track Premiere: Ithaca — “Slow Negative Order”

Metallic hardcore has been treading water for a hot minute, which is why this wild, frenetic, intricate-and-nuanced-yet-bludgeoning upcoming debut full-length from IthacaThe Language of Injury; due February 1 courtesy Holy Roar Records — is such a refreshing blast to the ol’ facedrum. Hard to go wrong when you’re intermingling a Converge vibe with elements of Poison the Well, Hatebreed, and Botch. The band cites Oathbreaker as an influence as well — and that comes through loud, clear and in the best way on tracks such as “Secretspace.”

Anyway, we’ve got an exclusive premiere of a track from the record here for you this morning entitles “Slow Negative Order,” which the band tells us is about “rebirth and revenge.”