Full EP Stream: Night Crowned – ‘Humanity Will Echo Out’

Few bands hatch with such a clear, clean musical vision in mind, but most bands don’t have the pedigree that Night Crowned do. Counting among their ranks current and former members of The Crown, Dark Funeral, Nightrage and others, the Swedish blackened death troupe have a sound that harkens back to the ’90s, but with modern production updates.

A three song EP, Humanity Will Echo Out leaves little room for error. Night Crowned pack in melodic, tremolo-picked riffs, earsplitting screeches and thunderous growls, blast beats and more, wrapping it in an icy atmosphere.

Humanity Will Echo Out takes you through melancholy and harmony,” Night Crowned tell Decibel in a prepared statement. “Through darkness and despair and leaves you with the urge for more. With catchy chorus, crushing blast beats, memorable solos and demonic screams, it is nothing less then a masterpiece of art. All the love for the ’90s black and death metal scene is put into these three songs. Night Crowned has stepped out from the shadows & into the light.”

Humanity Will Echo Out will be released this Friday, November 30, via Black Lion Records.