Hear Exclusive New Withered Recording Via Decibel Flexi Series

Decibel has long held black/death/doom outfit Withered in high esteem, so it’s only right that they join the illustrious ranks of the Decibel Flexi Series. The Georgian noisemakers unleashed “Somnium Decay,” a blistering, dissonant new tune, on a 7-inch picture flexi that is only available with Decibel #171, which features Deafheaven on the cover.

Said issue also includes Decibel‘s picks for the forty best albums of 2018 (you can also get irrationally upset over it here), plus a cover story on Deafheaven that you can also get irrationally upset over, plus a Hall of Fame induction for Watain’s classic Casus Luciferi. Like everything else in the Decibel Store, the issue is 20% off today only for Cyber Monday. Get it here.

Jam “Somnium Decay” below.