Video Premiere: Battalions – ‘Devil’s Footsteps’

Hailing from the fertile UK underground, Battalions are a bluesy cross between groove and sludge metal. On new song “Devil’s Footsteps,” guitarist Peter Cross leads the band with his rhythmic playing, backed up by a steady rhythm section, while vocalist Phil Wilkinson gives an instantly-recognizable vocal performance—each shriek sounds as if it’s inflicting damage upon his vocal chords.

The thing that sticks out the most to me about Battalions and “Devil’s Footsteps” is that despite their nihilistic sound and harsh, throat-destroying vocal performance, there is a lot of feeling in the musicianship. It’s easy to stomp your foot or bang your head while listening to “Devil’s Footsteps.”

Check it out below and snag it through APF Records on November 30.